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Advice for Students: How to Study Based on your Learning Style

11We know that every individual has a different learning style. In recent years, a large majority of our elementary schools and high schools have re-engineered their curriculums to reflect these differences. Even our encyclopedia-sized textbooks have been modified to include more images and charts, and some even include access to interactive programs for digital learning.

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Career Profile: Lawyer

Median Salary: $79,997*
Change in salary (2007–2013): +14%*
Total employees: 49,600*
5-Year Wage Growth: 14%*
5-Year Job Growth: 29%*

*Source: Canadian Business

12A new law associate in Canada can expect a median salary of $66,000 and it takes about five years to break six figures. But incomes vary across the board based on specialization and the size and specialization of the firm you land with. With a projected five-year job growth of 29% and a five-year wage growth of 14%, a career in law remains to be one of the most stable and predictable job paths in Canada.

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