Why Choose an RESP from Global?

Global Educational Trust Foundation (GETF) is proud to offer our clients a choice of two individual scholarship plans that provide more innovative planning and fee options.

Global RESP Plans

The Legacy Education Savings Plan (LESP) is a plan designed for clients looking to maximize their education savings investment and who prefer a structured, disciplined approach to investing and saving.

The Advanced Education Savings Plan (AESP) is a plan designed for families that are committed to saving for their children’s education but are looking for a more flexible contribution schedule, and no up-front sale charges.

Both of our plans allow you to save for your child’s post-secondary education, and offer peace of mind with easy-to-understand portfolios aimed at steady and consistent returns on investment. The security of your money is our top priority.

When you open an RESP with Global RESP Corporation (GRESP), you may be eligible to receive up to $7,200 in Canada Education Savings Grant and up to $2,000 in Canada Learning Bond for a total of up to $9,200 in government grants per beneficiary.

We offer additional flexibility and options to maintain your contribution compared to other scholarship dealers, as well as the lowest administrative fees in the market and no minimum plan contributions.

Talk to us about using your Canada Child Benefit (CCB) to start an RESP or to contribute towards your RESP today! Modest contributions today can make a considerable difference tomorrow.

The LESP and the AESP are sponsored by the GETF and offered by Full Prospectus through registered Dealing Representatives*.

Facts to be Proud of: As of December 31, 2018
On behalf of Global Educational Trust Foundation
Facts to be Proud

*3.19% 10 year average rate of return as of March 31, 2018
†The rate of return is not intended to reflect future values or rate of return on investments
Source: Global Educational Trust Foundation

Our Education Savings Plans Offer the Following Benefits:

Access to government grants

Some of the government grants your beneficiary may be eligible to receivei are:

  • Canada Education Savings Grant
  • Canada Learning Bond
  • British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant
  • Quebec Education Savings Initiative
  • Saskatchewan Advantage Grant
i: Subject to eligibility Close(-)

Education Assistance Payments (EAP) paid 365 days a year

Once the beneficiary has enrolled in a qualifying post-secondary educational program, the subscriber can request to withdraw from the Educational Assistance Payments (EAP) on the beneficiary’s behalf in order to help fund their studies. EAP includes the interest earned on the RESP as well as any government grants such as the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) and the Canada Learning Bond (CLB).

EAP can be used to fund part-time and full-time tuition and other post-secondary-related expenses at any recognized post-secondary institution, including universities, colleges, trade schools, CEGEPs, and other institutions certified by the Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada. For more information about qualifying post-secondary institutions, visit CanLearn.ca

Our competitors’ plans place restrictions on how many times EAP can be withdrawn. With the Legacy Education Savings Plan (LESP) and the Advanced Education Savings Plan (AESP), you have access to EAP 365 days a year. After all, it’s your money and you should be able to decide when and how many times you want to make withdrawals. The GETF has always emphasized the importance of flexibility for Canadian families and this is just one more benefit available to our clients.Close(-)

Freedom to study abroad and fund post-graduate studies

Whether your child chooses to pursue a higher education in Canada or abroad, their RESP can provide educational funding at any recognized trade school, college or university including post-graduate studies as long as the student satisfies government guidelines for Education Assistance Payments. Close(-)

Time Flexibility

Whether the beneficiary decides to take time off school to travel or to gain real-life work experience, their RESP can continue to fund their education when they resume their studies. Close(-)

Increasing Benefit Program (IBP)

The Increasing Benefit Program (IBP) is a value-added exclusive savings program from Global Education Trust Foundation. It serves as a complement to the LESP and the AESP and allows you to maximize your RESP return and Government Grants by applying a fixed increase to your existing contribution on an annual basis for five consecutive years (within the maximum lifetime contribution allowed for the RESP). IBP can be stopped at any time during the five years, and the new contribution amount will have to be maintained for the duration of your plan. Close(-)

Tax-Deferred, Compounded Growth

Earnings and government grants in your RESP are tax-deferred to maximize returns. Taxes, if any, are paid by the student when funds are withdrawn to pay for their studies. Since most students have little or no income, they may pay little or no income tax.Close(-)


At any time, you may choose to transfer your RESP to another one of your children or use the funds to pay for your own education if the original beneficiary does not attend post-secondary education or otherwise ceases to be eligibleii.ii RESP funds may also be transferred to an RRSP.

ii: Plan funding for adult education allows income to grow tax-deferred, but does not qualify for government grants Close(-)

Financial Flexibility

If you experience temporary financial difficulty, you have the flexibility to maintain your plan through many client-friendly options. A Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) representative will assist you in choosing the right option.Close(-)

Low-Risk Investments

Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) understands that you are investing for your child’s future and do not want to take unnecessary risks. That is why pooled funds in the LESP and AESP are prudently invested by professional investment managers primarily in provincial and federal government bonds, treasury bills, GICs, financial institution bonds and other capital protected investment vehicles to ensure steady and consistent growth.Close(-)

Professionally Managed Investment Portfolio

The Portfolio Advisors to the LESP and the AESP are leaders in the financial industry and their main objective is to protect your principal and deliver positive returns. Our advisors include: 1832 Asset Management L.P., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scotiabank and a registered portfolio adviser operating through its division Scotia Institutional Asset Management (SIAM), UBS Investment Management Canada Inc., Deloitte LLP-Auditor and Adaptive Asset Management.Close(-)

* The Legacy Education Savings Plan (LESP) and Advanced Education Savings Plan (AESP) are sponsored by the Global Educational Trust Foundation.
The LESP and AESP are distributed by Global RESP Corporation (GRESP), Global Maxfin Investments Inc. (GMII) and other approved distributors.
GMII is related to GRESP.
GMII and GRESP are both 100% owned by a common shareholder.
Offered by Full Prospectus only.


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