How to Read Your Statement of Account


This is the cover page to your annual statement. It provides you with a list of all of your contract numbers that are contained within the mailing package or online. There is a welcome from our Chief Executive Officer that provides information on how to contact our Client Services Group.

We highly encourage you to register your accout with us on-line. You will find the process very easy to follow and it opens up to perform numerous tasks such as:

  • Obtain an update on your plan throughout the year for all of your contracts
  • Update/change your personal information such as address, phone numbers etc.
  • Updating Banking information
  • Communicating with Client Services
  • Managing your savings


    Confirmation of the Primary and Secondary Subscriber on this particular account, along with confirming your mailing address.

  • It also provides you with your Dealer Representative’s name and contact information along with his/her Manager’s name and contact information
  • Confirms the name of the plan that you have chosen
  • Confirms if the Plan is registered with ESDC (Ability to attract Grant) or not.
  • If the Plan is “Not Registered”, please contact your Dealer Representative or Client Services on options to get the plan registered and to start attracting Grant.

    This section provides the following information:

  • Confirmation of Beneficiary Name
  • Confirmation if we have received a valid Social Insurance Number for your Beneficiary
  • Your Contract Number
  • Confirmation if you have opted to insure your plan
  • Overall Plan Details confirming Key information:
  • Contract Status - Active, Susepended or Matured
  • Number of Units you have purchased
  • The Cost per unit
  • Your Standard Contribution
  • The Frequency of your Deposits
  • The remaining number of Deposits for your plan
  • The Plan Start Date, Last Payment Date and Maturity Date
  • In this section you will find a summary of activity on your plan from the time that you started the plan to December 31st 2016

    In this section you will find activity of your plan during the Statement Year (January 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017)

    In this section you will find your closing balance as if December 31st 2017

    In this section you will find a summary of your sales charges, identifying the total charges and the amount that you have paid as of December 31st 2017

    Illustration of Projected Value at Maturity


    This section provides you with an Illustration based on your current contribution amount and frequency, along with expected grants and income on your principal and grants showing the total amount of funds that your beneficiary will have for Post-Secondary Education for the year that they turn 17.

    This section also shares your Dealer Representative’s information where you may call to discuss if you are saving enough for your child’s future.

    This section provides you with disclaimers and important information on the Illustration to assist you in determining if you are saving enough for your child’s future.




    This section provides you with information on which Grants you have applied for

    This section provides information and details of each individual grant that is available in Canada and for provinces where grants are offered

    This section provides you with a total of grants that you have as of December 31st 2017




    This section provides you with information on which Grants you have applied for



    Disclosure and Disclaimers

    This section provides important disclaimers to further clarify information within your statement.

    * The Legacy Education Savings Plan (LESP) and Advanced Education Savings Plan (AESP) are sponsored by the Global Educational Trust Foundation.
    The LESP and AESP are distributed by Global RESP Corporation (GRESP), Global Maxfin Investments Inc. (GMII) and other approved distributors.
    GMII is related to GRESP.
    GMII and GRESP are both 100% owned by a common shareholder.
    Offered by Full Prospectus only.


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