Should Your Child Attend a Specialized High School?

08For parents, decisions about your child’s future take on many forms. When it comes to education, it’s no longer simply a decision about which university or college is ideal. Many parents are a step ahead, considering what kind of high schools are best-suited to their child. The decision extends beyond the classic public vs. private debate. Many larger school boards in Canada offer high schools with specialized programs including Afrocentric, arts focus, athletics, international baccalaureate and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) focus.

If you’re wondering if your child is a good candidate for specialized high school, it should be evident in your child’s intrinsic behaviour and learning style. For example, children who are right-brained will most likely thrive in an arts-centric school, whereas children who are left-brained will thrive in a STEM-focused school. Here are some reasons why you should consider placing your child in a high school with a specialized focus.

Options, options, options

Attending a high school with specialized programs available doesn’t limit your child in the least. In fact, it’ll keep your options open. Your child may choose to go with the regular academic curriculum, or go the specialized route. Most specialized high schools also allow students to participate in the specialized program concurrently with the mainstream academic program, so your child will not be missing out on a well-rounded educational experience. Furthermore, specialized high schools also give students access to facilities and resources that regular high schools may lack.

Exposure to diversity

Although education experts have mixed input on race-centric and specialized schooling, one thing is for sure- your child will be exposed to diversity that may otherwise not exist in other schools. This doesn’t only apply to the diversity of your child’s peers, but also diversity of thought and perspective that will always be valuable.

Access to specialized scholarships for post-secondary admissions

If your child attends a specialized high school where their talents can be nurtured, one very obvious payoff is access to specialized scholarships from post-secondary institutions. Most commonly, these come in the form of athletic and fine arts-related scholarships. Depending on the school, however, there are plenty of scholarships for STEM students, students interested in trades, and not to mention the many bursaries accessible to students based on financial need.

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