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How Much Will Your Post-Secondary Education Cost?

Education LoanGraduating from high school and pursuing a post-secondary education is the best way to maximize your career options and professional opportunities. But getting a post-secondary education can be costly.

Canadian parents have become increasingly worried about saving money for their children’s higher education. While nearly half of Canadians believe it’s important to begin saving early, the vast majority of parents don’t believe they are saving enough for their kid’s post-secondary education. Continue reading

Back-to-School Is the Best Time to Think About RESPs

Another summer has quickly come to an end. And that means one thing: your kids are back in school. Just as spring is a great time to consider spring cleaning, the back-to-school period is a great time to start thinking about your kid’s post-secondary education (PSE) and the benefits of investing in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

Why is back-to-school such a great time to think about RESPs? The start of a new year means your kid is one step closer to starting their PSE. Whether you’ve started to save for their PSE or not, there’s a huge number of reasons to invest in a RESP.

Thanks to RESPs, parents can provide their children with financial stability as they learn and teach them about financial responsibility as they grow. Through a RESP, you can contribute up to $50,000 and the subscriber will have up until 31st year of the plan to make contributions. Continue reading