How to Prepare your Toddler for the First Day of School

05No two children are the same, so it may be difficult to predict how your toddler will deal with the first day of school. Being in a new environment surrounded by new faces and without mom and dad can be tough, so here are a few ways that you can help your little one cope.

Leading up to the first day of school

1. Build excitement– Remind your child that school is coming up and give them an idea of what time their day will begin and end. Go shopping for school supplies together to build excitement.

2. Visit the school and meet the teacher – Schools may have ‘open house’ type events where you can familiarize your child to the school and meet the teacher before they start.

3. Meet other classmates– many schools are zoned by neighbourhood, so chances are you have already met some of your child’s classmates and their parents. Try to arrange for a play-date with these kids so your child will have a familiar face.

4. Arrange a car-pool – If you can’t set up a play date, a good way to encourage your child to make friends is by car-pooling. 5. Emphasize the positive – Remind your child that they will have a lot of fun and meet a lot of new friends, and that all of the other kids may be just as nervous.

On the first day

6. Don’t cry in front of them – Saying goodbye to your child on their first day of school can be emotional, but you have spent so much time telling them that school will be a positive experience that crying would upset and confuse them.

7. Meet other parents – Not only is it a great way to meet the parents of your child’s peers, but knowing other parents in the area may be very helpful in the future for babysitting and other favours.

8. Reminder of love – Leave a note in your child’s lunchbox every day to reassure them that you are thinking of them.

9. Security item – If your child is feeling particularly anxious, you should let them take their favourite stuffed toy or security blanket with them to school. Most teachers will be alright with this, especially if it will save them from a temper tantrum.

As the year progresses

10. Get involved – See if there are any volunteer opportunities that you can be a part of, whether it’s for special occasions like supervising field trips, or for more regular activities such as reading to kids in class or monitoring lunchtime.

11. Encourage peer-time outside of the classroom – Invite your child’s friends to play in your home, or encourage your child to visit other kids’ homes to develop lasting friendships.

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