Finding the Right Type of RESP

Unlike other scholarship dealers, Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) offers individual plans that provide additional options to make your contribution schedule more flexible. GRESP also has one of the lowest administrative fees in the industry with no minimum plan contributions. After all, the security of your investment is our top priority!

The Legacy Education Savings Plan is designed for clients looking to maximize their education savings investment & for those who prefer a structured, disciplined approach to investing and saving. On the other hand, the Advanced Education Savings Plan is designed for families looking for a more flexible contribution schedule with no up-front sales charges. In addition to this, GRESP offers an employee sponsored plan, Corporations can have their employees sign up through them for the same Individual Plans. It will work just like the Individual Plan and it can be an LESP or AESP!

The dealing representatives at GRESP are here to help you save for your child’s post-secondary education, maximize all grants, build financial stability, and ensure your investment in a RESP is secure and growing. We are a multi-cultural company with trained experts who speak your language.

If you’re interested in finding out more about government grants or getting started with a RESP Plan, find a Global RESP Corporation dealing representative in your area. Or fill out a form and a Global RESP Corporation dealing representative will contact you.