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A post-secondary education is a significant investment for many parents. Education Savings Plans from Global are designed with students needs in mind and provide some of the most flexible options available. Over the past decade, the Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP)* has helped many families pay for tuition, books, meals, travel, accommodations and other education costs. The following are just a few examples of satisfied families that have invested in the Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP)*.

* All client testimonials refer to the Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP), a former Education Savings Plan that is no longer available. Please contact a dealing representative near you to find out which Education Savings Plan from Global is right for you.

Mrs. Anna Skrinnik (Toronto, ON)

My name is Anna Skrinnik, I’m the oldest daughter of Boris Skrinnik and Ilona Kolmatskaya. My parents became your clients in 2006. I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to Sergei Totrov and his team for informing my parents about RESP education plan and helping them open and maintain their contributions to it. View More(+)

Having saved that money using RESP has opened a door for me to pursue a post-secondary degree in Physics at York University and had paid for vast majority of my academic spending. To give an estimate of efficiency and usefulness of opening a RESP for a child: my parents have opened the account in 2006, and by 2012 there was enough money in RESP account to fund 4 years of education: a full post-secondary Bachelors degree. As a student, I am endlessly grateful to Sergei and his team for letting my parents know about the RESP and helping them maintain a healthy amount of monetary contribution, as the saved money has allowed me to focus on my studies, rather than juggling a job and enormous amount of schoolwork that every major and every student gets in a post-secondary institution.

As a child of the family, I never felt that our family is being financially burdened from making monetary contributions to RESP plans for my sister and I. Having stated that is another reason to praise the outstanding expertise and care of Sergei and his team. The amazing job that Sergei and his team do will allow a family of any income to successfully and almost effortlessly save up to give their kids a brighter future.

My sincerest gratitude and kindest regards. Close(-)

Mr. Ricardo Soriano (Concord, ON)

I started contributing to global since my daughter is small. Now she is a young lady and ready to enter her new chapter in life in university. View More(+)

I want to say thank you very much to Global for encouraging me to get an RESP for my for daughter. Now it will help her to reach for her dream to become a successful Doctor. I know my contribution is not enough but it's a good start for her. I took out her RESP and EAP in an easy way with the help of the staff from global. Thank you so much Global, we really appreciate everything!!! Close(-)

Mr. Wenyue Zhang (Scarborough, ON)

Global RESP has very helpful customer service with agents that answer the same day via email. They are always happy to help and answer all questions quickly and clearly. View More(+)

I had issues uploading documents to my EAP application, but once I let my agent know, he took care of it right away on a weekend. Great customer service and friendly agents that make communicating with Global RESP easy. Close(-)

Mrs. Mehdiya Hudda (Kitchener, ON)

GETP’s First-ever Beneficiary Graduates and Begins Family Tradition Since its inception in 1998, Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) has had one vision in mind: to meet the needs of Canadian families by providing secure and profitable financial solutions such as RESPs.View More(+)

Today, we are very pleased to receive news that the Global Educational Trust Plan’s (GETP) first-ever beneficiary, Mehdiya Hudda, has rejoined the Global family after graduating from her post-secondary studies, and has now enrolled her son into the GETP as well.

Hudda’s plan was started by her parents after her dad had conducted extensive research of the other RESP providers and their products. He found that the GETP offered more flexibility for their daughter’s needs.
Hudda had gained access to scholarships to attend the University of Waterloo for Social Development, and continued her studies in Dubai for Early Childhood Education at the Council for Awards and Children’s Education (CACHE). Along with an exceptional education experience, Hudda was very fortunate to meet her husband during her studies as well.

She decided to use her RESP to fund her studies in Dubai. Since the GETP allows beneficiaries to pursue postsecondary education in any recognized post-secondary institution worldwide, the decision to study aboard was one she would not have considered without a GETP. “The GETP allowed me the option of pursuing an international education in a time frame that was suited to my schedule”, said Hudda. In fact, her parents’ investment in the GETP was sufficient and paid for her education abroad in full. In addition to the flexibility of studying aboard, Hudda found the withdrawal process from the plan to be quick and simple, contributing to a wonderful continuing education experience.

After returning from her studies, Hudda started a family of her own and it only make sense to continue the tradition of success for her son. She has just enrolled her son in the GETP, and has hopes that he will pursue his education in the medical field. From her positive experience with the company and with the GETP, Hudda is also considering joining the Global team as a sales representative, so that she may help other families realize the importance of an education savings plan and advise on how it will open doors for their children’s future. Global RESP Corporation truly helps Canadian families to meet their goals, and Hudda’s story is one of many that we hear about. The GETP is a gift not only for the intended beneficiary, but can be carried on with generations that follow.Close(-)

Mr. Iman Osmani (Scarborough, ON)

It was 12 years ago that my mother happily became part of the dynamic Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) team. Being the opportunist she is, my mother was quick to sign me and my brother up for the Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP) and contribute towards our future.View More(+)

That was a great decision and I will tell you why. With my mother’s monthly contributions and the Canadian government’s incentives such as Canada Education Saving Grant, she was able to save enough money to ensure my brother will be able to study worry-free. Not only was he was able to study at one of the top universities in Canada, but he was able to study what he was most passionate about; chemical engineering. The RESP has greatly impacted our family today and without it, my brother may not have had his dream of attending university fulfilled. Thank you mom for being there for us. Thank you Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) for opening your doors for students.Close(-)

Joanne DeVost (Surrey, BC)

I have been involved with Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) for more years than I would like to admit. With 3 children ages 23, 20 and almost 19, I was glad to have previously met Judi Speirs and glad to be at ease knowing that my investments with Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) were at work for me. View More(+)

Their online access provided me with any updates I required and Judi was always a call or email away with a quick response to any of my questions. I have now utilized all 3 plans to further the education of my children, and currently still have funds remaining as my son has only just begun his university education. I commend the system Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) has in place and the ease and speed of accessing funds at the last minute. As long as you are set up for direct deposit and completed your request to withdraw funds along with proof of your schooling application you are done.

Thank you Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) for making my experience pleasurable and stress-free.Close(-)

Sadete Bejdo (Toronto, ON)

My name is Sadete Bejdo and I enrolled both of my children in the Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP) nearly 14 years ago, and I'm very pleased that I made this decision.View More(+)

This company is very flexible and both of the Dealing Representatives we dealt with were very down to earth. When we immigrated to Canada in 2000, we were referred to Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) by a friend of ours, Genci Vincani, who then referred us to Allan Belgraves. At first it was difficult to understand because it’s very different in our home country where you do not have to pay for a higher education. We had to look beyond this and focus on the future benefits that RESPs hold for our children, so we signed contracts for my 4 year old son and 8 year old daughter.

The flexibility of this company lies in your ability to withdraw multiple lump sums when children start college and university. This gave us piece of mind when it came time to pay tuition. The government grants that we were able to access really increased our return on investment, and the representatives helped to explain the benefits of these government grants to us very clearly.

As family, we are extremely grateful and we have already recommended our friends to subscribe to the Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP). Now both our children have finished school and graduated debt-free. For that, we have Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) to thank.Close(-)

Ms. Emylou Daylusan (Toronto, ON)

Saving on child's education is one of the best things parents could give. When we had our son, El Nathan, we wanted to make sure that his post-secondary education is secure. With the help of Lourdes Banggot she made it easy for us. We've heard terrible stories about investing on Registered Education Savings Plan.View More(+)

With Lourdes' professional skills she explained it very well to us what Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) does and its advantage over other providers. With no hesitation we opened our son's RESP through Global RESP Corporation (GRESP).

Thank you Lourdes.Close(-)

Theresa Do (Toronto, ON)

I am a graduate of Ryerson University’s School of Journalism and a Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) beneficiary.

My mom’s purchase of a Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP) helped pay for my education, without which I wouldn’t be here today. It also helped pay for my textbooks and residence fees.View More(+)

Our family faced financial difficulties as I began my university education, and I am grateful that my mom had the foresight to purchase a RESP plan — it was a wise investment. Tuition costs have been steadily increasing over the past years and I’m glad this plan is available for students to help meet such increasing costs.

One of my younger brothers will be entering university this year and I am reassured that he will have enough for his tuition.

Having these savings allowed me to focus all my energies on schoolwork without being distracted and exhausted by having to seek employment in order to pay my bills. I was able to work hard and be among the top of my class, which enabled me to get a very rewarding job upon graduation.

I would like to express my thanks to Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) CEO Sam Bouji and the rest of the Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) team for being invested in my education and success.Close(-)


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